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'stepped' as i understand is a dual plane flywheel (not to be confused with dual mass). i've done dozens of clutches, most of which were simple, single plane flywheels. a few were goofy looking, and were double the fee from the machine shop. none of the shops i worked in had any equipment to resurface flywheels, it was all farmed out.

i may have some terminology mixed up (it happens from time to time...), but there is a machinist in my area that was *the* man when it came to this sort of thing. one of the stories i heard from one of the other old timers was a guy had his flywheel machined for some ancient sports car. he didn't like the look of the finish (ra), as he had never seen anything like it before. the delivery driver stated that 'jack had done it himself', which put an end to the questions right then and there. apparently this man was awesome.

his employer went out of business (small mom-n-pop parts store) years ago, but his apprentice opened up a machine shop and has been doing the same quality work.

that's why i never questioned the finishes on anything we sent to him. never had any issues, either.

so as to whether or not these flywheels were 'supposed' to be refinished or not, i cannot say. they were, and worked fine.

never did a dual mass flywheel clutch, though, so i cannot say for certain.

i can say, however, that when it comes time to do a clutch in cadence, she will be getting a single plane flywheel if she doesn't already have one.

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