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I finally got a chance to drive the 28i and 35i back to back. I am very impressed with the 28i, but I'm not sure I personally could warm up to the dual set of sounds coming from the engine: A really nice and satisfying growl - almost more than what I would really want - but the simultaneous polar opposite whining sound of the turbo spooling up along with the 4-banger buzzing. Not horribly objectionable - just different.

The 35i, though, has a very natural and highly satisfying feel, sense of acceleration, and that wonderful engine singing/exhaust note duet. This version just give me more of what I really want in a sportscar. I thoroughly understand how some really appreciate and prefer the 28i, but if I go ahead with getting a new Z4, mine will definitely be that I-6 that we all know and love.

Thank you all for responding to my original post.

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