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Originally Posted by ckleung100 View Post
The little bit of sarcasm at the end doesn't help. We're not that familiar with touring vehicles and according RealOEM, it seems to be sold in Europe only.

Is this what your vehicle is? To clarify, which part are you having problems opening? The window or the entire trunk lid? The glass window is sealed in.

Actually, Touring is BMW speak for wagon. They were sold in the states.

OP- do you have the diamond shaped key with the two unlock buttons on it? The upper button, above the BMW logo, is the hatch release. Does it not open when you push it? If you have two keys, try both. Also, how about the hatch release under the dash? On left hand drive cars, it's next to the door, look next to the right door on your car.

Does the remote unlock work for your doors? I know it sounds simple, but I like to start with easy stuff. I would make sure the key works properly before going more in depth.
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