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I had the opposite problem with my Touring; the glass popped open all the time by itself. I played around with the window lock mechanism, adjusting the striker, etc., but it turned out to be a short in the button under the wiper.

With the opposite condition, a window lock failed closed, I don't see how you can get to it to replace it if you had to.

Here's the page from TIS Spaghetticoder on removing the window lock:

Piece of cake...but it says to first remove the trim panel inside the hatch:

You can't do Step #1 because it's covered by the stuck-closed glass. I suppose you could hack a hole in the plastic trim panel to access the window lock mechanism, but there has to be a better way if you have a known bad lock. This situation has to have happened before.

Obviously, non-destructively searching for electrical gremlins is the first thing, as others have mentioned. Perhaps there's a point down below the D pillar where you can access an electrical connector and see if the car's lock module is sending +12V to release the window lock when it's supposed to.
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