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Originally Posted by Fudman View Post
Mileage is anytime. it all depends on how many short trips (<5 miles) you do in cold weather with how many long trips (> 10 miles) in between. The cause of CCV failure is condensation of oil vapors in the CCV itself. See spydrz pix for details. Can happen anywhere but is worst in cold climates. As 16valvex, the design "fix" is cheesy and a stopgap measure at best. But it is better than the original design. The real solution is to avoid short trips in cold weather. Short trips cause the oil condensation, long trips burn it off. Symptoms of CCV failure or clogging are increased oil consumption, black smoke in exhaust (typically at startup), etc. Cracked CCV hoses can create all sorts of running and idling problems due to vacuum leaks. The worst case scenario is engine hydrolock but that is rare and is typically where it is REALLY cold.
What is engine hyrolock? nvm on that, I'll look it up. I read the CCV can get clogged too. Would that cause exhaust like smelling oil/smoke to come billowing into the car air vents? It happened today, but when I went to open hood and check, nothing. Not a drop to be seen, nor any smoke. While the smoke has not come back, I can smell that oil/gas smell in the car. Not really a burning oil smell, but sort of gas/oil. Car is running fine (relatively).

I did add oil, but I'm 99% certain it's not overfill. I'm leaving to this CCV issue-possibly. The previous owner replaced the VCG and when I did spark plugs, it was all good/clean. While I don't have a lot of history, I do remember him saying the vanos was done, something about cyclone new radiator, alternator (looks old to me),

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