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autocross maths

Here's the explanation of why we scrapped the March 11th schedule just minutes before the drivers meeting.

Based on past experiences, we wanted to have a minimum of 2 workers per station. (previous events we've spread ourselves too thin for various reasons) With 6 corners to staff, plus gate, that means 14 bodies are required per work/run group. Now, if we're to run a 4 run group day, we need 14x4=56 bodies. As registration was winding down, we were short of that under/over number of 56. Which meant we needed to have one less run group.

Here's how that affects the day's schedule

Red = total number of drivers / 3
Blue = ^
Green + Yellow = ^
Green = Yellow


R-----------B----------- G+Y



--- driver's meeting for scored laps ---



There's a few things that I don't like about this schedule but are unavoidable.
  • Yellow group has 2 work session in a row
  • for non-scored laps, the Red and G+Y work sessions are longer than the Blue session because once the day settles in, staff begin to drive laps too
  • for non-scored laps, one of the worker exchanges can happen "hot" while the other exchange, the track needs to stop completely
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