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Smile Z3 - Problem with drivers seat and fuel guage.

Hi this is my first post, so hopefully someone can assist. I recently bought a 2001 3Lt Z3, and it is the first BMW I have ever owned. It is fantastic and I love it. However it has developed two problems during the short time I have owned it.

1. The drivers seat will not rise or lower. It travells forward and back ok and I can hear the motor attempting to work each time I try to rise and lower it but it doesn't work. Problem is I am 6'4" and my wife raised the seat to its maximum height when she used it, and as a reuslt I can't comfortably fit in the car when the roof is on. Even with the roof off my head sticks up above the windscreen.

2. The fuel guage stopped working the second time I filled up the tank. I believe I may have over fill the tank, which has reuslted in the fuel guage low fuel light staying on and the guage not working - permanently recording no fuel. I tried to fix it by disconecting the battery, however this didn't work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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