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Exclamation E39 starts fine but dead when restarting VERY INFREQUENT HELP?! Read forums, but no

Hello, I have read a ton of threads, but to no avail. My 2000 Bmw 528i auto sports package 64000 miles will start fine, but sometimes, it will not restart. At first there is a click from the starter, but very quickly, it goes to nothing. I bought a new battery, and I thought everything was fine. But about a month later, it did the same thing. I thought it may have been an Ipod charger plugged into the cigarette lighter, but this did not do the trick either. I took it out and about a week later it would not start again. The last time it happened, the car started perfectly, and i drove to my son's school...about 2 miles. I turned it off to speak with him, and when i went to start it, it would not turn over at all. No lights cranking etc. I put cables on it and tried for about an hour to jumpstart it, but the most I got was clicking of the starter.

In desparation, i put cables on the battery itself instead of the engine bay terminals and it started instantly.

I have recently changed the FSU?part The part that does not/does turn the fan off, but the battery problem started around a month after this. I also have a speed sensory that is bad, so? ??? does that matter? It was this way for about three months prior to the battery problem.

I live in a small Idaho town, and there are no reliable mechanics + I am not super skilled.


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