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Originally Posted by johnc_22 View Post
Yes, please elaborate how Apple products have an "utter lack of functionality".
Okay okay, I'll do my best. Apple has done a very good job (to their credit) at marketing. There products have an artistic appeal that is hard to deny but I guess that is not the part you have an issue within the picture.

Another thing Apple has done very well with is telling the consumer what they "need" and how things should work, in most cases this works just fine. When I say utter lack of functionality this is what is meant. If you don't want to perform function the way Apple has set up for you... too bad.

For example, my wife asked me to add the latest songs from our library to her iPod touch (I'll never forgive myself for buying that POS but I love my wife and she wanted it). Our library is on my HTPC filed exactly how I want it and it's accessed by Media Center. Can I just plug her iPod up and add it like every other MP3 player on the marked... NO. I HAVE to use iTunes (horribly designed program if you ask me). After the incident when I had iTunes manage my files for me (accident because that of course it default) and my wife deleted music from iTunes that then deleted the actual song but I guess that my fault... anyway I digress (again), I stopped maintaining iTunes after that. So that posed the problem... how do I get just one song on her iPod? Best I can tell you can't, you have to sink the whole library. Well what if I don't want to sink the whole library... too bad (best I can tell).

Anyway that's just one example of how its user friendly but only if you want to do it its way. I am sure people will have issues with this argument, they always do. I am always open ears and willing to listen and learn more.

I have worked with computers since the early 90's taking apart, building and repairing. My family has owned FoxCon, IBM's, an Apple 2e, early MAC's and even a G3 and G4 but mostly Windows based computers. I have built many Windows based computers dating back to WIN 3.0 and love working with them. I have much less experience with MAC but still a fare bit and enough to know what I prefer.

All that said don't get me wrong what Apple has accomplished here is impressive... especially considering it's an inferior product
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