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Originally Posted by jburke4689 View Post
Your information is all over this forum if you search. It is easy.

To answer you question about things breaking.......Anything that breaks is expensive. Maintenance is expensive.

For example, if you need an water pump and thermostat (which seems to last around 60K miles) you can buy them for about $550 from Tischer or $750 from your local dealer, not including installation. Spark plugs require a special $45 socket and cost around $22 each. Run flat tires are around $300 each. It goes on and on. Overall, it is a reliable car though. And if you want to do a lot of maintenance yourself you should have a tool like barvarian technic for diagnostics and initializing new components like the battery believe it or not. The computer needs to know when you install a new one.

I have to ask though. You aren't 18 yet and you have this car and evidently test drove an AMG. Aren't your parents worried that you might kill yourself? Both are way too much car for an inexperienced driver. No offense, I am talking from the point of view of a father who remembers my first couple of years of driving.
Judging by OP's dedication to resurrect a salvage E92 with his own hands I think he is well aware of the car potential, etc. Not to hi jack the thread or anything, but I find older people are more reckless when it comes to driving
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