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Steps Followed to Replace front Struts:
-Break Lug Nuts with car on ground
-Use front jack point and jack up the car
-Place Suv jack stands under the side jack points
-Remove front wheels
-Take a picture of the current install
-Release the brake hose mount clip.
-Gently remove the brake hose from the strut mount hook
-Gently remove the other cables from the strut mount
-Remove the sway bar link nut by using a socket and a ground 18mm wrench
-Support the suspension as shown in the picture with the floor jack.
-Remove the lower strut mount bolt and nut
-Remove upper strut mount nuts.
-Dont even think about removing the main strut shaft nut. That will be the most illogical act ever.
-Now spray penetrating oil at the junction of the base of the strut. Let it sit overnight if you have the bandwith.
-Try to move the strut by wiggling it from side to side. If it wigggles well and good spray a litle more penetrating oil. Remember to place rags under the base of the strut to prevent spraying oil all over your suspension.
-Take a neoprene hammer and hammer at the strut sprint base plate. The strut will start moving towards the top. Gently lower the suspension to the max. Keep an eye on the drive shaft boot since you dont want to tear it when the axle will slightly pop out. Support with jack as shown in picture.
-Keeping hammering by pushing down on the brake rotor front until strut is ready to pop out. At this point stop hammering.
-Slowly remove strut. A this point the axle will pop out in the drive shaft boot. Dont panic!!!
-Take the bilstein assembled strut and install in the strut mount cavity and use the old strut mount nuts to loosely bolt the strut to the car.
-Match the two pins at the bottom of the strut with the slot in the strut mount. The rotor will be at an angle as shown in the pics.
-firmly push the rotor towrads the car in a lifting motion such thet the axle moves back in. At this point wiggle the strut such that it is in the base of the strut.
-Now place the jack as shown in the pics and apply force simulating a hydrauclic press. As the suspension rises the strut gradually moves in the base. Check periodically that the strut angle is accurate.
-Apply penetrating oil at strut base to ensure smooth and easy movement.
-As the strut starts moving into the base, raise the suspension higher until the drive is close to paralle to the ground and you will hear an sudden snaping noise which is the srut moving completely inthe the strut base. At this point the strut is now firmly seated in the base.
-Install new upper strut mount nuts and torque to 25lbs. If you torque any higher you will shear the mount bolts.
-Use throttle body cleaner to get rid of the penetrating oil at the bottom of the strut.
-Install the lower strut bolt and torque to 85lbs.
- lower the floor jack and install the sway bar link. I used the same torque as befroe aprox 65lbs. Mine were a little worn out so the next DIY will be replacing the sway bar links.
-Install all the hoses in the mount as before.
-Repeat for the other side.
-Install Tires and tighten lug nuts as much as possible when on jack stands
-Lower car and tighten lug nuts to 95lbs.
-check the torque on the main strut shaft nut and install dust caps after ensuring that the grease in there is sufficient.
-Time for a test drive.
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