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Okay so now for some detailed instructions for rear spring removal
-Break rear wheel lug nuts on the ground
-Jack the car under the rear swing am and place the jack stand under the side jacking point as shown in the pic. You can jack both sides up for convenience. Don't panic if the front wheel also rises when jacking up the rear. Its normal.
-Remove rear wheels
-Jack rear suspension up until shock compresses
-Release the shock nut carefully with 18mm socket or a 18 mm spanner with a neoprene mallet on the exhaust side
-Take a crowbar and wedge at the bottom of the spring. Remember the key here is not applying a lot of force and trying to compress the coil spring but to attempt to tilt the top of the spring on its axis to release it inside the hat as well as move the bottom of the spring out as shown in the pics.
-Remember there is no need to take your hand anywhere close to that spring and it can be removed by using the crowbar. You will need all your fingers to enjoy the ride.
-Move the spring bottom towards the edge of the spring mount as shown in the pics. At this point attempt to tilt the spring in a upward tilt motion with the crowbar flat end. At this point the spring will release.
-Clean the base of the sprint mount
-install the upper rubber pad as shown in the pics in the spring mount
-Install the lower spring pad to the spring
-push down on the rotor hat with one leg and partially place the new spring in position upper part in.
-Now take care that you don't grab the spring with fingers in between coils. push the spring in until top locks in place and if the bottom cannot be moved by hand use the crowbar with baby force to not damage the bottom rubber pad.
-Once the new spring is in place, jack the suspension up to compress spring until bottom rubber pad seat in place.
-Now stand back and admire your new springs

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