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A nice cooling system overhaul parts list was posted today:
> E39 (1997 - 2003) > Cooling system! be safe than sorry?

Originally Posted by George16 View Post
Here is the list of parts, prices and sources:

Cooling system Overhaul
11281738605 Ina Idler Pulley $24.68 AutohausAZ
11511436590 Water pump pulley $22.92 AutohausAZ
11517527799 Graf water pump $56.65 AutohausAZ
11531438634 BMW coolant hose $29.45 AutohausAZ
11531705223 Radiator upper hose $25.92 AutohausAZ
11531705224 Radiator lower hose $26.54 AutohausAZ
17111427156 Vent hose from radiator to expansion tank $9.44 AutohausAZ
17111712788aft Aftermarket brass bleeder screw (qty 2) $7.68 AutohausAZ
4PK0865 Ac belt $9.77 AutohausAZ
11537509227 Thermostat with housing $58.78
2100011031 Sachs fan clutch $91.19 AutohausAZ
11281706545 Serpentine belt $17.50
32421740858 Power steering pulley $30.00
11531438632 Expansion tank hose to heater core $27.50
11531438633 Expansion tank hose to aux pump $27.50
82141467704 BMW coolant (need 5.5 quarts plus 5.5 qts distilled water $22.50
11281748832 AC tensioner $53.00
11287512758 Alternator/waterpump tensioner $53.00

VANOS Seals/Valve Cover Replacement
VANOS Seals $60.00
11120030496 Valve cover gasket $24.27 AutohauAZ
11121437395 Valve grommet(need 15) $11.04 AutohauAZ
11361433817 VANOS cover gasket $3.59 AutohauAZ

Keep in mind that my car is a 2003 530 and yours is a 525 so other parts might not be applicable. When you go to the websites, ensure you choose the correct year and model of your car.
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