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Originally Posted by ioannis214 View Post
Just a reminder... Alligning the car is not done with weights. Weights are used for wheel balancing so that the car doesn't vibrate while driving.
This is actually not true, placing weights inside a vehicle before aligning its suspension is the best way to get a perfect alignment. Your car is never driven without a driver in the car who could weigh on average 150-200lbs. That is extra weight on one side of the vehicle actually changing the suspension geometry. It won't completely ruin the car without using weights since barely any consumer alignment shops do now a day but I always ask if it can be done because BMW aligns all their cars with weights off the line plus all performance racing teams do as well, its the best way to go but a lot of companies will not do since it takes time to place weights in a car along with extra training. You could however bring a sand bag or something similar that weights as much as the person driving it normally and leave it on the front seat as to replicate your own weight.

So really its not necessary but if you want the most precise and accurate alignment use weights.
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