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Hi there,

I also bought a battery from Walmart yesterday, the H8 Everstart Maxx which has a lower rating of 760 CCA (& NO VENT TUBE) compared to 850 CCA of the previous Maxx 49 battery. This morning, my car wouldn't start. I have to find out later today what the cause is. I have 2 amps in my car (which were off when I started the car) & wonder if I need a minimum CCA of 850 or more for the replacement battery. I read many of these boards and am getting conflicting info as to which battery I should get. I was about to go with the 49DL, but not so sure after reading your post. Any suggestions as far as the minimum CCA rating I should look for and if a vent tube is a must or not are greatly appreciated.


Originally Posted by pleiades View Post
Oh-kaaaay I think my luck with the Duralast 49DL is done. I went through two in 16 months. Both completely died within a couple days after coming off a Deltran battery tender (same one BMW sells I think...) with readings of 12.6 V. The second one had a reading of 7 V when I took it to Autozone to test. They refunded me $95, I took that and bought the H8 SuperMAXX at Walmart ($98 here in Eugene). The SuperMAXX has substantially more heft than the Duralast -- feels closer in mass to the BMW original. It also has vents on each end like the genuine BMW batteries do, with a small plug (still attached to the pos. terminal cap) that you use to plug the vent you will not use (the one on the aft end....).

I've been through the check-out routine for parasitic drain and will do it again to be sure, but last time I checked, after 16 min. my car goes into sleep mode and shows a current drain of between 0.02-0.05 amp. Is that enough to kill a battery in a car that's not driven for say, four or five days? I typically put the car on the tender (using underhood terminal connectors) once or twice a month.
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