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Originally Posted by bmwswag View Post
I took delivery and did not sign up for the Tire and Wheel protection offered at the dealership. It was running $1500 for 5 year warranty. I was wondering if I can purchase something similar elsewhere.
From what I can see on your options, you have xDrive without m-sport. So, I am assuming you 16" or maybe 17" all seasons at every corner?

In that case, I suggest you can pass on the tire warranty altogether. Despite the horror stories you read here, and you get from your dealer, you are not going to be particularly likely to damage a wheel of that size in normal driving. Of course, accidents are called accidents because they are unexpected. But, the odds are in your favor.

Depending on where you live and all, flats are always going to be an issue. But, RFTs are actually easily repairable if the pucture is not near the sidewall. I've had two nails removed during my four years of ownership with zero problems afterwards.

And, worst comes to worst, you can get a replacement on tirerack for $150 to $200, depending on the type of tire you want.

Don't worry about it. Put the money in the bank and self-insure.

Not that one person's experience should shape your choices, but I live in LA with craptastic roads, heavy driving, and I do a lot of driving on rough roads because I am a hiker and cyclist. I've had zero problems, passed on the tire warranty, and would do it again.
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