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X5 Sunroof Issue

Originally Posted by sunny43.5 View Post
Hi all from down under , I have spent 30 years plus working with sunroofs and only recently did I figure out how to solve the malady of the X5 sunroofs being stuck open . DO not spend the ridiculous money that dealers and the like want to rob you of , the fix that I have discovered is so simple it that I am surprised it hasn,t been disclosed before . First thing to point out here is that the repair will render the rear part of your sunroof totally inoperable , what I mean is that you can still use your shades and slide the front glass open and tilt the front glass but the rear will remain permanently closed . Obviously if there is any other problems with your roof other than the rear stuck open this will not help. As a newby on this forum I will not disclose the fix in public if you wish to find out please feel free to contact me and send me your email so I can send the photos and details . The fix can be done by any one with some simple home tools and believe it or not takes no more than five minutes to do . Howard
Hi Howard

It will be great if you could please E-mail me the instractions for the BMW X5 Sunroof repair.
My E-mail:

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