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Originally Posted by clspruiell View Post
Awesome tutorial!!! Thanks alot guys. I wonder, do you have anything about making adjustments to the top? Mine rattles more than it used to. Primarily one "thud" like rattle coming from somewhere in the back from what I can tell.

Do you know the points of adjustment? How to adjust properly?

Thanks again,
Regarding actual physical adjustments to the top - DO NOT attempt by yourself (JMHO). There are special tools that were built specifically for this purpose - which your dealer has. These tools include jigs which fit over and around the car and keep things aligned in 3 dimensions. The tolerances for the hardtop are only 0.7mm so any adjustment to it requires a great deal of precision.
According to the shop foreman at my home dealership, not all techs are certified to work on the tops. There is a special class they have to take and an entire manual devoted just to servicing the top.

I have pictures of these tools which I will post later for reference.

Originally Posted by ProfessorCook View Post
Hey fun & Kat... between the Gummi Pflege and the Krytox, do you have a preference? My roof may not fold back, but I still have frameless door windows that meat a seal and I have a moon roof to pay attention to as well.
Time of year directs some of my decision points on whether I use the Krytox or the Gummi Pflege. During the warmer months of the year when the car is religiously washed weekly, the Gummi works fine for the seals across the top. About once a quarter I'll substitute and do the whole shooting match with the Krytox. The side window seals which are very similar to the coupe windows do fine with just the Krytox on a quarterly basis. During the winter months, when my washing schedule is more erratic, and temperatures are cooler which means the rubber isn't as pliant, I tend to step up and use the Krytox every 4-6 weeks. With either product, a little goes a long way. In the 2.5 years of ownership, I just broke into my second bottle of Gummi Plege last weekend. The one thing about the Krytox is you want to keep it very minimal at the area where the top of the window mates in the door frame. If you get too much it will smear down the glass and is a mega-PITA to clean up. (Yes, this is the voice of experience.)
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