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Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
I was wondering why you chose a different application method instead of use the dauber. Or?
Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
I can let Kat answer this but my experience is that the dauber is not precise for some applications. I use a Q-tip or my finger to better control the application. Hope that helps...

Originally Posted by Wihelm G View Post
Agree it's not precise enough sometimes as the foam tip is kind of large and angular when sometimes you need small and round. Also, when you're using it at an angle where the bottle is below the foam tip and it's unable to regularly supply product to the tip so you have to keep stopping, turning the bottle upside down and pumping it before putting it back to where you left off and continuing.
and this,

and to be honest, in the process of trying to work the dauber into some of the tighter spots it loosened from the supply tip and fell off. I already had a package of the assorted foam applicator sticks from autogeek so I started applying the Gummi to the stick applicator. They go into the crevices well and also are great for keeping the Gummi off the freshly washed paint. An extra bonus for me is that they give me 6 more inches of wingspan so I can reach to the middle of the top from the outside of the car. (You tall guys may not appreciate that detail, but for me it is huge).
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