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Originally Posted by RachaelsX5 View Post
When they incorporate the computer I will seriously consider it.
Im not sure that will happen. I'll probably be getting one very soon. I'm trying to watch as many YouTube videos as possible to make sure it functions with the vehicle flawlessly. The closest is the E39's. It looks like the only minute issue is not having the ability to hit the menu screen and activate auxiliary fan times, set timers, reset mpg's, choose which ones you want to scroll through on the BC, and set speed limit a few others things too. If You keep just the factory screen, then You can set the options and then install this unit from what it looks like. If you have to loose power for what ever reason (battery disconnect) just plug up the old screen and set options again and switch back. Sounds like a lot, but for me the only option that I use often is the speed limit. Most other options especially timers are gps driven which would not be needed. That's what I can see so far. It's looks promising, but don't want to jump into an all new product without bugs sprayed out first.
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