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Possessed X3 28i: won't shut off, lights flashing, window washers spraying

My sister-in-law's 2011 X3 freaked out last night.

She was leaving the grocery store when the windows washers just started spraying and wouldn't stop. By the time she drove 1 mile the headlights were flashing.

She made it home and was not able to cut off the engine. She had a neighbor come over and he couldn't do anything with it either. They tried to disconnect the battery but were unable, for some reason. At about this point gurgling adn whining noises started. Keep in mind this was around 10pm in a townhome community so the neighbors were not happy.

A tow truck came (dispatched by BMW) but wouldn't put it on his truck because he felt it wasn't safe.

After about 4 hours the engine finally shut off. Then after another hour everything else died. I assume the battery finally gave up.

They called another tow truck who has taken it to the dealer.

Anyone ever heard of anything like this?
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