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Originally Posted by allegretto View Post
Well Mark, with the slightest wink to hyperbole I would agree with most of your assesmsnt.

However, after two test drives you and I diverge on the 991;

First, would challenge that you took a 991 to its "limits" on a test drive. If you did, I'm happy that I wasn't anywhere near. I find this especially difficult to swallow considering your last sentence...

Second, I'm confused as to: "...The attention to detail is the best of any car I've owned...". What did you mean? Honestly, I'm not sure of the context. Could you expand?

Finally, let's get serious. Every gen from now on of every car commonly available will be dictated first by bean counters. A prime example is the new 991. Do you think, for a NY minute, that that car is actually more expensive to produce than say, a 993 in today's dollars (Euros)? Do you think the interior (shamelessly derived from a Panamera and Cayenne) is more, or less expensive than previous designs. Cross-platform parts are just that, and decease costs considerably.

The 991 is a very competent car. NOT a supercar. No way, no how.

Sadly, the new M3 shall be the same, no doubt.

Yes, it may be faster, and the ringers may take it around the 'Ring faster (which would be important if I drove the 'Ring... fast) but I'm sure things will be lost too.
No...absolutely I didn't take the 991 to its limits but I was implying based on my own test drive and from other 991 owners feedback on 6speedonline.
I took it out for 20-30 miles with the rep and push it a little but not much.
I certainly know the difference between my 997's and the 991.
The 991/991S may not be super car status - perhaps follow on iterations of the 991 will have super car the GT2, Turbo S.
The current Turbo S from the factory runs 0-60 in about 2.7 sec.

Attention to detail - My own personal opinion... I like how the 997 is designed (and 991), it has a single purpose of being a great all around sports car and the interior reflects it. My 997's are the best quality cars I've personally owned. No rattles, interior / exterior bits and pieces fit and finish is excellent (knock on wood)
I had good experience with my E46 M3 as well. Not so good with E92 - transmission and interior rattles that BMW couldn't really fix.
My wife's current 2011 E91 wagon has been good so far. We love the practicality and AWD of the E91

In terms of bean counting... I believe Porsche wants their interiors to have some sort of cohesiveness across all their cars... plus the current design is really nice. Name a a car company that doesn't do this?

By the way, I'd be curious to know your definition of "super car". The easy ones that come to my mind are Veyron, McLaren, Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche GT2/GT, etc. come to my mind. When you drove the 991, what was your impression? (You did test drive it?)

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