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Originally Posted by Capobranco View Post
Interesting conversation…....As I previously mentioned, I grew up in a family that worshiped 911s and I drove Porsches for a number of years. I have always considered Porsche to be a psychological touchstone when evaluating sports cars. I anticipated I would be returning to Porsche last year with the purchase of a 997 Carrera PDK. Evaluating my M3 back to back, I exorcised my 997 demon. Initially I was taken aback by the M3's weight, but I found the weight to be a non-issue. The M3 is heavy but the car possesses billet like solidity and very secure predictable handling. The M3's defining V8 and sublime song reinforces the M3's "athletically robust" tactile feel.

The Porsche experience is usually defined in terms of "visceral". If visceral means less comfortable, more Spartan interior finishes, less smooth shifting PDK, less interesting exhaust note, in general, a less substantial feel, than the 997 was more visceral. I should note, when I test drove a 911 Cab v. an E93 335i MT a few years ago, I was also underwhelmed by that Porsche experience. The BMW was solid while the 911 exhibited cowl shake.

I recently viewed the new 991 -- 911 redefined for a new age. There was always a cadre within Porsche that wanted to go beyond the limits inherent in the 911 but the market's support for the 911 ruled. Porsche has transformed the 911 into a car that will have a broader appeal beyond die hard 911 enthusiasts. Perhaps the 991 represents a Faustian bargain - Porsche gains market share but loses it's soul in the process?
Great insight! I lot of folks thought the M3 lost it's soul when it moved from inline 6 to V8.
I hear the next M3 might be tri-turbo. Remember several years ago when the head of the M division said M cars will never be turbo charged?
I think it's cool that the next M3 is evolving and putting in a turbo will not make the next M3 less of an M car.
It's interesting point of view that the interior of the 997 is spartan, "less substaintial feel" than a E92 - I thought just the opposite
My E92 was loaded but didn't feel no more special than my wife's E91.
I think my favorite exterior and interior M3 design is the E46 - I think it's a timeless design I wished we would've kept it!

Personally, I like that cars evolve. And each new model, the cars have better technology, use better materials, better performance and continues to be refined based on customer feedback. With the exception of Honda/Acura, every car maker I think, has done a good job of evolving their cars... sorry Honda/Acura - your biggest problem is boring exterior design! Look at the shnozzle on the TL/MDX/RDX... Good 'ole days of NSX, Legend are gone!

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