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Originally Posted by Ian Sanford View Post
Had the same happen with a brand new Mini once. Brought it home from the Dealer and couldn't lock the doors. Eventually cleared itself. However later on in the evening went out to check the car and found all the windows and sun roof had opened spontaneously in pouring rain! Called out BMW recovery who towed car to Dealer where it stayed for a week - fault eventually found to be a loose connection on one of the rear lights. Dealer said, that as everything is linked through the wiring loom, the on board computer had misread the fault.
Didn't keep the car long as had no confidence that fault would not re-occur.
That is a load of crap response. That is what interlock relays are for, that and to prevent you from killing yourself with hi voltage.

I had BMW try to tell me that by installing a car stereo it was the reason the transmission was not working correctly. I told them they were full of $%++ point blank. If their electrical systems were that delicate then they could take the car back.

Make sure you document this very carefully. If the vehicle is in the shop for a protracted amount of time...lemon it. If it goes in for same thing 3-4 times..lemon it. The problem with issues like this is they have a cascading effect and once one thing goes they take others with it. Especially something like this.

BMW will make good, but they are sticklers for most Germans (I am Suisse..I know). Beat them at their own game and document, document, document. They will finally go ok (get you a new toy) if you can show them (and a lawyer) that you let them try to fix it with no success.

Good Luck if you need help, pm me (not a lawyer, but beat them several times at their own game).
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