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Hi everyone....
Please bear with me, I am a rather girly girl without mechanical expertise but if my experience helps someone, it was worth trying to explain my overheat issues and resolution.
So.....she kept overheating, and hoses would burst, etc. I had thermostats replaced, radiators flushed, hoses burst and replaced...on and on and on...finally I researched and paid some mechanic 27$ for online advice and was told that this model often has problems with the doesn't stop mechanics miss it....but the silicone gets cracked or something like that and it turns SLOW....too slow to properly cool the car. I told the mechanic this, he replaced the fan and VOILA... she chugs along with the gauge at the perfect spot all the time! It is so fabulous!
Now...I had the shocks replaced and am having bizarre draining of the battery...been in the shop twice and it's still happening. The mechanic took out my chip to help with my atrocious mileage in the city (8 mpg), not sure what the chip was (Dinan?) but it did seem to help a little but now have this weird electrical problem which I described in another thread. Help anyone?
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