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Originally Posted by MANGOSTENE View Post
I too share Stalag's (and pretty much everyone else's) sentiment that all the dash and steering wheel controls should function. My truck right now has the factory NAV and DSP. If all the parts necessary can be summarized and resolved and put together in a easy to understand laundry list of what is needed to perform the upgrade, I may consider being the Guinea pig in doing this to my truck and in the process do an extensive write up with photos. I am afterall not too far from OttoNaviGPS if he's willing to make this happen.

I have been on the fence on this for so long, much like everyone else. The biggest deterent seems to be that there's so much potential headache involved in doing this and there doesn't seem to be, to date a confident write up for this process that's backed up by a supposed authorized sponsor should issues arise with the installation.

To me, a laundry list should have all the parts involved, associated part numbers, pictures of these parts (very important!) and where best to get them.
I'm up for jumping on the band wagon and enjoying all the neat emerging technology out there that is available but not at the expense of compromising an already temperamental truck (let's face it, these X5s are electronically sensitive to change!)

I love my truck and have taken painstaking great care in making sure it runs with minimal issues (especially electrical) and there has to be a certain level of confidence that this installation can be performed and not bring up unnecessary false error codes as a result of the installation. And at the same time be able to revert it back to stock form easily.

I do admit, it's an attractive looking unit and I like it. If you can confidently say this will work and I have all the necessary items to make it a trouble free install, let's make it happen then.


Okay. So if you have factory navigation you need a fahkra harness. This harness is basically an extended harness of the original that will extend from the rear of your car to the front of the radio.

If have DSP it gets a little more complicated and if you have both its pretty complicated. This isn't to say is impossible, but would not be a easy DIRECT PLUG AND PLAY INSTALL.

Pretty much you have an amplifier in the back that receives digital signals from your head unit. Here is what I have found on the closest thing you will be getting your self into.

Take note this is an install write up done for an M5. The concept is the same.
You would pretty much need to disconnect the DSP amplifier and install an aftermarket amp (5 channel preferably). Then you would run the speaker wires directly to the amplifier and connect the amp to the radio via RCA' connections. If you have the 6 CD changer you would lose this feature. Hope this helps.
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