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Originally Posted by Kalil147 View Post
Hey I tried it. Great explanation! I disconnected both tubes and joined them together. But nothing happened. No changes! Does that mean I have a vacuum leak? I found the little waste gate right above the exhaust which opens and closes the exhaust. When I played around with it to manually open the exhaust and it worked. Now the question is, if I have a leak, where can it come from? And would there be a problem if I find a way to bolt the waste gate open permanently?
Sounds like you do have a leak. The line was a regular hoover for me. Did you never get the deep growl of the engine at high, hard revs? You might have been limping on one pipe for a while.

I'm not so sure about those ties. How hot does it get where they are?

The rumble is fun. I'm not sure my wife would prefer it, though. I also periodically get some kind of rough resonance periodically while barely holding down the accelerator in 1st gear at around 1100rpm. That rough spot seems to be gone.
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