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1) Side skirts look like they're supposed to be trim black. theres a compund you can get that dyes it back to the factory cover.
2) Get rid of the fake wood.
3) the "temperature thing" as you called it has some light bulbs behind the display that just need to be replaced.
4) the odo fix requires some soldering if im not mistaken. Look at the stickies to get info on that.
5) door panels are easier to just get used ones. preferably matched to whatever seats you plan on getting.

But all this should be secondary to getting that engine sorted. just cuz it looks good on the outside doesnt mean its looking good on the inside.
you could be only getting combusion in 2 cyl like hornhospital said. if thats the case then either the fuel or air isnt working in half your cyl. your car could be compensating by dumping loads of extra fuel into the remaining 2 cyl leading to the rich condition.
dab of oppo anyone?

Project List:
Replace coolant temp sensor
Replace starter
Brake and Power Steering Fluid Flush
Front Control Arms, Bushings, and Tie Rods
Replace Passenger Lock Actuator
Reglue Peeling Hedliner
Swirl removal

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