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White Smoke From Engine - Messages

Assistance needed.

I was working on 330Ci 2003 M54 engine. The goal replace Oil Filter Housing Gasket and the install Beisans Systems Vanos Seals replacement.

I had recently replaced my Value Cover Gasket 2 months ago successfully but still had a leak, actually greater leak of oil and knew it was time to OFHG.

I began by placing all of my tools and DIY materials neatly in the working area. I removed everything except when I came to the fan I could not get that SOB out, excuse my language. I tried the Smolk Sledge Seize Removal Process but after 140 hits with the Sledge against the 32 MM Wrench I retired that process. I actually tried to machine a Pully Tool but all I had was strong cardboard and that definitely did not work. Defeated for the moment I re assembled the parts and drove the car 1/4 mile and White Smoke came from under the hood. I called the tow truck and the next day my trusted Mechanic told me that I had failed to reassembled the Vanos Cover Gasket and something had lodged in that area and that oil was spilling directly onto the manifold and thus the white smoke.

I can tell you that when I placed the cover back onto the VCG it was fitted. As a matter of fact if one side is loose it will not fit nicely anywhere else, am I correct?. I do not doubt my Indy. I just do not know how this is possible that I missed that, I could possibly understand that a bolt came loose, but not that the VCG is on crooked. I will go to the shop and try to fix this problem as the Indy was kind enough to say that I could do it cheaper than paying him $350 and that he would not do the Beisan Install because he was not comfortable with recommending it as a solution to the low rev problems.

Any suggestions on how the VCG is not on correctly or where the Oil could be leaking and how I should proceed. Sorry no pictures. I also just purchased the Schwaben Water Pump Pully Tool for $15 from Sears. It says it fits most M54 engines.
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