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New Radiator? Really?

So, the shop said I needed a new radiator as a result of some prolonged leaks that allowed too much pressure build up -- made sense to me, sucked, but whatever.

So I'm under the car today, putting new brakes on and wiping up oil that is another leak I need to have fixed in the future when I start looking around to see if the residue is just overflow from when they put the new tank and radiator in, or if it might be an overlooked fitting that is leaking the new fluid. I realize that what looks like the radiator is not new....

In other words, when the hood is up, if I'm looking through the kidneys at the radiator, am I looking at the fins on the main radiator, or am I looking at an oil cooler radiator, or something else. Because If I'm looking at the "new" radiator that cost $300 bucks, I'm wondering how all the dents, road grime, and bugs got in there after only about 30 miles of driving in rain.

Do I need to call these guys out, or am I looking at something I don't understand?
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