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Originally Posted by jdefg2000 View Post
LOL thanks...yeah she's my new girl all right! I actually love the "stock" wheels when paired with black- i went with Jet Black.. If you havent done DVD in motion you have to get it....really cool and easy to do. Next step is to tint out all the side and rear windows....prob around 25%. I actually like this car more than my old porsche....sure maybe not quite as fast, the little difference which is small is not worth all the bonuses this car has with comfort, smoothness, size, and all the technology. When do you get your car Peace??
I love my car! I did my ED last week and now I am in the two month waiting game!

I definitely plan on tinting the windows AND doing the DVD in Motion upgrade. My sons wouldn't have it any other way!

I found this car to be super fast too! I couldn't believe how ferociously it accelerated and how the torque seemed to pull hard throughout the rpm range...Great!

I am thinking about the new liquid black wheels as an option for my factory wheels...they are for the 6 series but I guess they fit ours as well. Man! I wish my car was already here! Enjoy!
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