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Originally Posted by consternation View Post
2) Has anyone replaced individual wires (the whole length). I.e. a single ground wire from end-to-end?
Some of the wires originate from the General Module or the Light Control Module in the dash; it would be a major effort to replace the entire run.

Originally Posted by consternation View Post
GP, when you rebuilt your wire-harness did you use color-coded wires? If not, how do you anticipate repairing split wires ten-years from now (for the sake of argument, let's assume you'll keep this car forever)?
I color-coded the wires to a certain extent. I could have used many more wire colors than I did, but with the ordering minimums at McMaster-Carr, I would have wound up with a lot of excess wire when I was finished. Brown insulation wasn't available for ground wires, so I used black for all of the grounds. I think I used five different colors.

If I should ever have to redo the job, it should be made a little easier by the numbered wire markers I attached to each wire at the connectors and at the splices in the trunk...assuming the markers don't fall off when I open things up.
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