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Originally Posted by Campfamily View Post
I think I have confirmed that my car (thus, likely any 2008 or newer 550 with the Sport Package) does not have this valve. I am guessing that the valve is removed as part of the special exhaust tuning that BMW claims is included with the Sport Package. So, this mod is already part of our car model.

Anybody else with a 08 or newer 550, please chime in.....

I looked at an '09 this morning, in service (CPO fun...)- It actually had the valve. My theory is that the PO had it removed; Quite a few folks have the pipe cut off, the flap removed and then welded back on. Ahhh... Who knows...

I actually reconnected my hoses to the relay. While I loved the idle / startup sound, I ended up going back because of the uneven variations you get in sound when the car comes back down to idle (either from a rev or slow downshifting as you roll up to a light). I noticed that the car will hit 800RPM, float a bit, and then settle at the stock 500/600 (depending on whether your AC is on). That little pause was enough to annoy me, so I went back to the stock set-up- now I can't hear the idle adjusting itself. To each his or her own...

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