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Delayed Delivery Compensation

So a series of screw ups, a fired CA etc. led to a friends new X3 sitting at the dealership for a few months before he was finally able to pick it up. They are offering to give him a set of winter tires as compensation. He asked for my opinion of this offer and if instead of taking delivery of this MY 12 he should just order a new '13. (He is now headed out of the country for 2 months so doesn't mind waiting as the car will sit in the driveway anyway)

I wasn't sure what to say. My X3 was also delivered later than I was told and I thought that was pretty standard so I am not sure why they would offer something unless something happened to the vehicle or it was devalued somehow by sitting outside unused for a few months. I can't imagine that this would be the case, but he did say it was completely forgotten offsite and not driven or even cleaned.

Is there anything to worry about with this vehicle? It seems any reduced value by being a model year older is more than made up for by the tire offer? The warranty is still valid so seems like no risk for him. Anything I am missing?
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