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Not meaning to make my first post a negative one, but I'm afraid I have to agree. I've always wanted an M5 and stumbled across a clean 48k '08 at a Mecum auction this week. (I was there to perhaps purchase a street rod or muscle car.) Anyway- I didn't have a chance to drive the car obviously.

Picked it up yesterday and *HATE* the SMG transmission. Now it's interesting because after I bought the car on Friday, I read a bunch of reviews (Motortrend, Car & Driver, etc.) online before picking it up on Saturday. I kind of thought "uh-oh" as I read them because every single one without exception ragged on the SMG being harsh and unpleasant to drive- and several of these reviews were from SERIOUS enthusiast sites/publicatons. But I thought, "Wimps- how bad could it be" right?

Now I've owned high hp C6 Vettes with automatics (as well as 6-spd manuals) and I've owned several Porsches including a Boxster S with TipTronic and I've driven a new 911 with PDK automatic. Just drove a 55AMG with great shifting transmission. NO COMPARISON between those vehicles and the SMG in the M5.

All the way home yesterday I was FURIOUSLY fiddling with the Idrive and console buttons trying every imaginable combination looking for any sort of 'livable' shifting experience- nada. And considering BMW has done away with that transmission apparently they heard a LOT of that feedback from folks.

So now what to do? LOVE the car, the performance, funky front seats with 1000 adjustments that GRAB you when you go around a corner, etc. Beautiful styling (to my eye) and build quality.

But if I don't find a solution to the shifting issue it'll be for sale before April is over. I LOVE a fast ride (heck, I own a 2100 lb., 500hp Cobra replica!) but when I'm just going to the dentists office or the grocery store I do NOT want to be kicked in the butt or slammed into the steering wheel every time the car upshifts or downshifts.

I'll be searching for other threads that may offer ideas, but the first several threads I've read don't look promising. If the best answer is "drive it and you'll get used to it" I'll be bummin' insted of bimmin'!

Time will tell I guess. I'll either A: learn to live with it (doubt that) or B: discover a livable shift setting, or C: sell it.

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