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Originally Posted by dtonnon View Post
So this is my first time posting here, though I have lurked here for a while.

This one is confusing me, mainly because I have never had this issue with any vehicle.

I got my 84 bmw 528e from my dad, after he got tired of trying to repair the butchery that the last owner did. Been throwing parts at it, and finally got it running great, 3 months later...

Starting with some background, ive replaced the secondary pump, and stopped there after the problem that originally happened, well...happened.

On the return leg of a short trip the car stalled on me. Which it never does. Tried to restart, cranks, and then as soon as the engine "asks" for fuel I hear a loud "clicking" type of noise.
I further verified it by pressing down on the gas pedal a second after the engine starts cranking, soon as the gas pedal is pressed a loud "click".

any ideas would be great, its not the usual battery or fuel pump problem.

thanks all, kinda lost on this one
Main relay or fuel pump relay? The horn and fuel pump relays are the same, try switching them. Check and confirm that the electrical system is in good condition; battery terminals, fuses and fuse box connections, chassis grounds, etc. Many problems with these older cars are electrical.
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