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Originally Posted by XtrlRulz View Post
Mine is affected, so tomorrow i will go to the BMW dealer ... =p My tail-Light is defected since last week i think.
Have you looked at the situation ? YOu might be suprised how simple it is and save yourself all the hassle of taking the car in and either waiting hrs for them to get to it and paying $100--$125 hr for some slip-shod quicke work to get you out the door.

Wish I knew how to post a photo here to show you how simple it is.

Just open the trunk..... undo the plastic knob that holds the light bulbs in place and the whole assembly will come right out.

You will see the plug that is attached to the assembly. Squeeze the sides of it as you will come right off.

Now look at the female part of the socket..... if it's fried, then you probably want the dealer to install a new one. If not.....and you can scrap the funk off the connector and get to some clean metal.....then you can save yourself $100--$200.

The next step is to have a 15" piece of #14 gauge wire with a femal push-on connector on one end and a round eyelet connector on the other.

Push the female connector onto the metal part of the light bulb assembly, there's two places right there for you to attach it. Just push it on.

On the other end peel back the rug on the wall and get to the wheel arch area where there's a metal stud with a nut on it...... take the nut off and put the other end of the #14 wire with the round connector onto the stud and put the nut back on...... YOUR DONE !!!

This takes about 2--3 mins ........ I've not heard anything about the right side tail light assembly......but if you are right there you might as well take another 2--3 mins and do it.

Any questions..... don't ask me here because I don't k now how to post or send you the photos showing how simple this really is.

Email me directly at and I can send you the pics directly.

My best........ Mike
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