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Originally Posted by XtrlRulz View Post
But i though it was free of charge, why is the 100-200 bucks? can you explain

While many warranty and "good policy" services are (relatively) free...... we have to remember the dealership is there for one reason and one reason only..... to make money. So...... if they can convince you that you should be paying for something, they will. And let's face it, they know more than we do and unless we are fully up to speed on the exact nature of repairs and services being offered by BMW North America, we are at their mercy......and usually end-up paying for way or the other.

This and many other reasons I prefer to establish a long term relationship and patronize my local private BMW shop that stays on-top of what's happening in the BMW auto service world. Many times I've gone to them with a problem and they give me a copy of the BMW recall or service bulletin so I can understand the situation and be intelligent when I take my BMW to the dealership for specific work.......and not get fooled into paying for anything that I shouldn't.
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