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Originally Posted by Se46m3an View Post
Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. So here's the deal. If been wanting a 745i since I was 16 now im almost 19. I currently drive a Chrysler 300 2006. I'm thinking of trading in my car and getting a 745i for around 9-14k preferably a 2003 or It's Gunna have some miles on it......... Someone talk me into getting it or ima just jump in a srt8 300c. who has had no problem with theirs?
Good afternoon, sounds like we share the same car taste, as I'm also 18 as well. My first car was a 300SRT-8 and I absolutely loved the HP & torque... That being said, I was always looking for more in the interior. I bought my '06 SRT8 with 39k miles for $21k & drove it for a couple months & got bored with it.
Month or so after selling it, I was on Craigslist and found a local '02 745i with 154k miles, $12k. I decided to buy it because I knew I'd be just as happy in it as the 300, with cheaper payments too. I ended up selling the car with 164k miles, and only changed the oil, cabin air filters, and new tires in my time of ownership (only sold because I wrecked it, plus it was getting quiiiite a few miles on it). But, I will say this; I definitely got lucky with my 745i (being it never had problems when I owned it).

What do I recommend?
Depends what you're looking for; 425HP, Ho-Hum interior, gas guzzler (another reason why I wasn't so sad to see mine go), not THAT spacious in the back for passengers, that you know may have some problems in the future (just like any other car).
Or, are you looking for a giant, luxurious boat (the 745), roomy, excellent interior, not fast (but definitely not slow!), that you know will probably have problems in the future that are gonna cost $$$.

Whatever you choose, goodluck!

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