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92 E32 735 - Valve adjustment

I have a 92 e32 735i and I just did a valve adjustment. It had quite a tick before adjusting and not knowing the last time they were adjusted I figured I might as well do it.
After the adjustment there was less ticking but what was left was louder ticking on cyl 2 & 5.
Is it normal for this car to have a prominent tick to it?
Also I couldn't adjust my 6 cyl exhaust valve because the adjustment hole was turned to where I couldn't see it or move it. Is there any way to adjust it to where I can see the adjustment hole again?
My 2 cyl intake was weird to adjust, the adjustment was backward instead of turning it down to the side towards deiver side to tighten, I had to turn it upward toward the passenger side to tighten. I don't know why but it's the only different one.
And btw I adjusted all the valves to spec .30 when cold with slight drag.
Any photos or videos will help.
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