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Identity crisis? It can cruise at 100+ on the freeway just like your 530. I can go hunting with the dogs and shotguns in the back. I can move the daughter with all her stuff down to the college dorm. When the hot water tank blew last week, I put the new one in the back. I don't need a Blazer or 4WD Subaru to go skiing in the winter - Four snow tires and skiis on the top and I'll go anywhere. No identity crisis here, it does everything I need it to........
Should you EVER get into an accident w/ all that stuff sitting dormant, being inches away from you and your cranium.....could be tragic
Happened to me, but in a Benz station wagon. We had stuff loaded in the back and out of nowhere a guy runs a light, clips us in the rear end, spun the car around and flipped us when the rear wheels fishtailed and hit the curb. EVerything in the back, golf clubs, a folding bicycle and stuff in a cooler whacked us silly in the head. But it was the freakin' bowling ball that went airborn while we were upside down which almost cracked my skull that I will never forget.

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