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Originally Posted by charlesberry View Post
Hose clamps - did you reuse or replace?
Just one clamp, I use new ones as those snap on ones always seem to get "damaged" when I remove them.

This is a noteworthy update: The new fuel pump has made my car come alive again. I'll say that in my last E46 I had a dead pump and the car felt the same with the new one. But I must say, the one in this ZHP must have been "weak" since I got the car. But especially over the last 3 weeks. I would get 0171 and 0173 codes, the 4k rpm stutter had returned, and past 5000 rpm my car felt "weak". It just didn't pull after 5k rpm, it'd rev, but lamely.

Anyways ALL of those issues are GONE! My car pulls HARD all the way to redline, jumps right past 4k rpm with no stutter at all, and just feels way more peppy. I have nothing scientific to base this on, but I have a pretty big ass (some say it's on my shoulders) so my "butt dyno" takes a lot to register. The biggest things again are hard pulling from 5k-6800rpm and no more 4k rpm dip and those are EASILY felt.

So HAPPY! Too bad I changed my intake boots this weekend thinking they were the cause of my lean codes (they weren't cracked at all). But oh well, they are new now.

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now, go burn your Man Card, and buy yourself a Camry....

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