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The black hole of washer fluid

Got the low washer fluid warning, so I picked up the jumbo jug of washer fluid at Target. Figured out how to pop the hood (in typical german fashion, it makes a nice solid clunk and then scolds you electronically for the hood being ajar).

After marveling at the beauty of an engine (and removing a 1/2 pound of dead leaves) I started pouring the washer fluid. And pouring. And pouring some more. At 1/2 of the jug I stopped to look under the care to see if it was leaking out. Nope. More pouring, and it keeps going in like the car is some sort of crazy washer fluid black hole. I check again- no leaks.

Finally the entire jug is gone. Perplexed at how I needed so much washer fluid (the warning was only up for a week, and I didn't use any fluid after the warning came up), I looked for the tank. Its jammed in a fender well, and its HUGE. Not sure why I would need to carry this much washer fluid- does it have to do with the super long maintenance periods maybe?

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