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I know there are some of you out there who have no interest in the black vinyl roof wraps that I do or the way carbon fiber vinyl looks. However, you have to at least like protecting your car's headlights from rock chips and cracks.

The material that I use is not precut, so each and every installation is custom fitted to your car's specific application. This means no gaps or seam lines, in order to provide an invisible as possible installation result.

If there is enough interest, I may even be willing to do a group buy to start things out. Also, if your headlights are already faded and you wanted to restore it, I have a guy who can do that before the protective film is applied.

It was actually pretty hard figuring out a good way to show just how the clear film looks like on the headlights. However, hopefully this shows you just how clear and invisible the film is once applied to your headlights. I tried to make it as visible/noticeable as I could in this picture so you guys could actually see/notice the material.


-Don Nguyen
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