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I recently got to spend a little time with a 991 Carrera PDK.

The 991 from all outward appearances is a 911, but the stretched wheelbase and significantly wider track, have endowed the 991 with the comfort of a luxury GT. The interior finishes have been significantly upgraded. I am 6"3" and the 991 has room to spare. The ride remains firm but is less punishing. I could not really push the car, but the car gave me the impression it was fast. One of the defining characteristics of past 911s was their braille-like steering feedback - the 991 does damp out some of the "graininess" of prior 911s. I agree with many that the 991 maybe slightly less "visceral" but I view it as a more refined car generally.

Even among Porsche faithful, the BMW M3 is often regarded as a better daily driver, but is deemed the lesser sports car. (After test driving a 997 and my M3 back to back, I preferred the M3 as both daily driver and as the more engaging sports/GT). I notice on Porsche Forums that many are bemoaning the 991. Most complain about its less visceral, less challenging, driving experience, and especially the steering. In general, IMO the 991 is less "raw" but remains an engaging car, and is a more viable daily driver than the 997.

The 991 looks like a 911 but Im not sure it really is a 911. It seems like it has morphed into its own unique thing. In a weird way the 991 seems more BMWish. I prefer the real deal.
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