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Ok someone help me out here just created an account to get a little assistance.. Ive just recently bought a 97 540i and just did a shtload of work already cause previous owner was brain dead i suppose. So I just replaced the rotors and pads in the front which ended the vibration at low speeds while braking.. Now after driving today I noticed the strong vibration at 50-60 while often having to over steering to the right while headed str8 (too loose?).. So I jacked the car up and the driver side wheel has a lot of play, not from top and bottom pressure but has lots of play from side to side (a lot of play actually)..

So ive read through this forum and with all the terms upper control, Lower arm, right upper, rear lower, thrust arm, traction strut, wishbone.. and theres actually more ive heard etc.. So when i look under at whats moving I see three main bars all of which are moving a bit under there, so which do I change first.. Is there 1 main arm that will prevent the whole assembly from moving around?? The one thing im clueless on with cars is this crap... thanks in advance for any help!

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