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Originally Posted by Quick99Si View Post
Check Amazon for decent prices on Lemforder parts, you can pretty much count on $110/arm and much less for the tie rods. There is no reason not to replace them in pairs, because if one side is bad then the other will soon go.. while chewing through your tires.

All play needs to be eliminated. With everything working as it should, you should have virtually 0 freeplay in your wheel tire assembly (aside from tire flex). This is well documented and you'll quickly see that it's best to replace it all, and always with GOOD parts. Going the cheap route, with fcp or similar, has shown to be a mistake on more than one occasion. I myself went with all Lem parts, threw in sway bar links, and left the tie rods alone because they were tight.
Actually found out (well think I did) that my issue is the tie rod end.. its busted wide open near the little boot.. it moves in and out of the housing its in as the wheel moves.. It actually looks to me like it causes a slight play in the other wheel as well..will be looking into how to go about replacing this part first...

My dad is saying the "drag link" needs to be replaced because its busted up.. not sure but also lookin into this..

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