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+1 on Langka

A few notes before purchasing though
1) I found I did not need to buy the full $40 paint chip repair kit, that merely the Blob Eliminator ($20) and some of the micro brushes. A credit card covered with a cotton tshirt, combined with rubbing alcohol to prep the area, and a paint sealant of your choosing work just as well as what's included in the full kit.

2) You must purchase the touch up paint stick from BMW or other aftermarket maker of touch up paints to use the Langka product.

3) Since I have a metallic paint, Langka recommends the "wet" method of applying their product which requires very careful, light passes of the shirt-covered card to spread a drop of paint into the chip/scratch without pulling the paint out of the scratch. I found BMW touch up paint became tacky so quickly, that I just created huge blobs and smears that took forever to eliminate. Instead, I used a hybrid method of the Colorchip dab/smear technique (dab of paint at one edge of chip/smear with bare or nitrile-gloved finger pulling paint into the chip), but also Langka's "wet" Blob Eliminator method to near perfection in filling almost 200 chips in my hood and doors with only the two largest chips showing any sign of repair and even that was negligible.

4) If using the "wet" method, DO NOT LET SMEARED PAINT DRY MORE THAN JUST A FEW MINUTES!!! Otherwise you will be reacquainted with the term "elbow grease". And if you have more than 50 overdry chips to Eliminate, YOU will be the one Eliminated (think hand waxing your entire car x5).

5) Trust the process. After several chips, I discovered how aggressive I could be removing blobs. Pretty firm at first, then lighten the pressure as the blob of paint dissipates and vanishes to reveal a professional looking repair. I could not see one of the 150 or so chips I repaired, even in bright sun or under fluorescent lighting.

Looks greats for small to medium chips. Anything larger than a pencil eraser may take a few attempts to build up enough paint and then you're left with a filled chip with matte-appearing paint in a chip (quite unsightly) and quite possibly better left for the body shop. THINNNNN application of clear coat included with the BMW touch up stick made for an adequate, but not invisible repair.

Langka was not great for narrow scratches down to the primer as the TU paint would not adhere to the groove and kept getting pulled out of the repair area. Repeat process starting at step 2 until you get it just right.

Well worth the cost vs the shop in my case.
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