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Originally Posted by bmw_2001 View Post
I have ordered a 328i with Nav but no assist (hence no apps). Can someone clarify the below. (Searched the forum but found no clear replies as the Nav without assist also gives you a COMBOX?)

1) Do I need a Y cable for my Iphone 4 or would the Apple USB cable work?
2) BMW remote app and BMW connected would work?
According to the latest (02/12) parts database, the Combox Media should be standard equipment in the USA F30. Therefore the white Apple USB cable should work.

Assist upgrades it to the Combox Telematics. No Telematics = No BMW Remote = No BMW Search.

Technically the only difference between the Combox Media and the Telematics is the GSM module in the Telematics. All the Combox features -BMW Apps, BMW ConnectedDrive, Bluetooth Audio, BMW Live, BMW Internet- are available in the media version but not activated. BMW Apps can be retrofitted by the dealer according to the same parts database, the rest can be retrofitted by aftermarket vendors.
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