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Originally Posted by pcbrew View Post
#1 From all I have read, it should work with std cable because you get a basic combox with Nav.
#2 Will not work. Those apps communicate through the cellular data connection that comes with Assist.

Hopefully they'll add WiFi direct HW in the next version so you can do point-to-point WiFi connections for things like that.
With that, as long as you are in WiFi rang of the car with your phone or parked in garage with your home network, you would be able to send addresses to the Nav.
There's no way of sending addresses to the Nav without the Telematics version so far. The Euro USB address import feature has not been fully implemented for the USA yet -it comes and goes depending on the US iDrive version. The Euro WiFi option is just that, a WiFi hotspot in the car. The same way that any tethering phone can do right now -see below.

Either Combox supports Bluetooth tethering, which enables BMW Live and BMW Internet to work thru any Bluetooth tethering-capable smartphone.
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